Triumph Bobber Mudguard "Shorty"

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Shorty Mudguard As the sides of this fender enclose the tire, it has a more classic appearance and therefore fits perfectly into the original vehicle line. A clear view of the rear wheel combined with a harmonious overall appearance. Of course, if you're riding in the rain, it only offers limited protection from splash water. What it does protect from dirt, grime and stone chips, however, are the suspension strut, the airbox and various cables and relays, which are positioned directly in front of the rear wheel. It is therefore more suitable for those of you who want to give your Bobber a more minimalist line without taking away its classic look. Our mounting system also allows you to adjust the position of the mudguard individually: the distance between the fender and tire is alterable so that you can adjust it precisely to the chain setting. The fender can also be optimally adjusted when using different tire types. Note, however, that a tire expands at high speeds. Therefore, a distance of at least 7 mm should be set. For an even more minimalist look, the mounting point for the original chain guard can be removed. Relevant if you want a short chain guard or even none at all. Like all our parts, this mudguard is manufactured in-house. From the prototype to the mold-making to the finished carbon part, all steps are carried out in our own facility. Our mudguards are produced using the RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) process, where carbon fiber is impregnated with resin under vacuum and heat. This process allows for extremely lightweight and precisely fitting components. The fibers and resins used in production meet common aviation standards and are also used in the construction of rotor blades. The mudguard is available in various versions, including visible carbon, which is crafted with a carbon canvas fabric also used by Porsche or Ducati. If you own a TFC, we offer, upon request, a matte version with a twill weave that visually corresponds to the original carbon on the TFC. If carbon is not your preference, there are two painted versions in glossy black or matte black that match the original Triumph colors. For those looking for individual color options, we offer an unpainted RAW version. It is primed and prepared for custom painting. Below, you'll find suitable accessories such as turn signal kits, side license plate holders, or a license plate holder that positions the number plate behind the rear wheel and allows legal positioning of the indicators despite the short fender
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